[EpiData-list] Query in Epidata manager

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Tue Feb 24 05:48:24 CST 2015

Dear Sir,

I am currently using EpiData manager for my data entry. I am facing few
difficulties for which i am seeking solution from your expert team.

My difficult is as follows.

   1. Few questions in my questionnaire are relevant only for Married. My
   3rd question captures about marital status. My 7th questions intends to
   find information relevant to married only. So, if a person is unmarried
   (when i enter in Q3 as unmarried) this Q7 should automatically get skipped
   because he is not married. But i am unable to do it in Epidata manager,
   because Epidata manager allows me to jump from Q3 to Q5 by skipping Q4, but
   not serving my purpose. Can suggestions on this ?
   2. I have 4 boxes, 1st is year, 2nd is months, 3rd is week and 4th is
   days. I would like to create a 5th box which should automatically calculate
   [(1st box value *365) + (2nd box value *30) + (3rd box value *7) + (4th box
   value)]. How do i do this in epidata manager.

Please help me out how best i can do this.
Thanks & Regards,

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