[EpiData-list] Updated (bug-fix) versions of EpiData EntryClient and Manager

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Fri Mar 6 15:34:57 CST 2015

The following bug-fixes has been made and new versions uploaded today.
EpiData Manager Program Version:
EpiData Entry Client Program Version:

* Fixed bug where File assocation under Windows did not work.

* ProjectFrame splitter wasn't changed on Restore Default.
* Prepare-double-entry new name was not added to recent.
* Using Ctrl+N when creating Value labels would cause Access Violation 
on Windows.
* Certain actions for relational dataforms in relation to flow from one 
to the other
* Export: Simplifying naming for exported files. Notice that this 
includes as well cycle number (automatic version number) and dataform 
name. The latter excluded with only one dataform in a project.
* Data Content validation: did not always work.

Known existing bugs at this point: Id variable(-s) in Data Content 
Validation are not listed
           (Will be fixed and new update uploaded without further notice).

EntryClient: Fixed bugs:
* Jumping btw. dataforms according to relate information did not work 
* Sometimes incorrect record number was used to calculate Master-Detail 
key-field value.
            Hence displayed records data could be incorrect.
* If no legal values are left in the value label list after the filter, 
a caption message will be given.
* Added Restore Default to preferences.
* MAC Os X only: moved "Preferences" and "About" menu item to standard 
Mac OS positions.


Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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