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Dear Torsten,

Sorry for my late reply.

1. Version: EpiData Manager
Program Version: r1156
Core version: r1161
FPC Version: 2.6.4
Platform: i386-Win32

2. Yes. There was an error message but the program closed down so fast I
could just see it flash for a moment, with no chance of reading it. The
program just closes down. Disappears. Nothing is saved and I am returned to
my desktop.

3. I open the program, start a new project, open a new data form and add a
string variable. In the field properties box, the moment I try to add a
value label by pressing on "new", the program shuts down without saving
anything. Scenario 2: I open a new data form, add a string variable without
a value label, save the project and close the program. Then I open the
project and try to add a value label to the existing string variable: the
same thing happens. Program close down. This happens also when I try to add
a value label via "Project Details" >> "Value labels".

I hope this helps understand the problem.


Michael van Straten

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Hi Michael.

I have tried to make a few simple projects in Windows 8.1 here and I am not
able to reproduce what you describe.

Can you please elaborate on the following:

1: Version of EpiData Manager you have tested with (use "Help" -> "Copy
Version Info...")
2: Was there any errormessage
3: Please make a more detailed description of the steps you took for this

Torsten B. Christiansen.

On 2015-06-08 12:57, EpiData development and support wrote:
> Dear users,
> I have installed EpiData Manager on a machine working on Windows 8.1 
> 64 bit. I used the latest versions available: r1156
> 1. At first I used the 64 bit version but could not open or save projects:
this led to the program shutting down. In the archives I saw other users
experienced similar problems.
> 2. I then uninstalled the above and installed the 32 bit version (Platform
i386-Win32). This version seemed to be working well, until I tried to set
value labels: when I do this, either by using the "Field properties" box or
by trying to access through "Project Details" >> "Value labels", the program
shuts down. I am just able to see that some error notice appears but the
program shuts down so fast I cannot read it.
> Any suggestions?
> Thanks in advance,
> Michael???? ?????? ??????? ???
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