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Dear Hans,

Thanks for the clarification. I guess then that it's back to square 1 for

Best regards,

Michael van Straten

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Dear Michael:

I'm afraid then, that this mismatch is the cause of the problem.  In some
systems, a 32-bit version of EpiData software appears to work
(superficially), but then one runs into a problem sooner or later. 
Unfortunately, a 64-bit PC requires the 64-bit software.  We need thus to
figure out why 64-bit software does not work on your 64-bit PC.  It is not a
Win 8 problem per se (we tried it and it works). Unfortunately, I run out of
suggestions on what to check next...



On 19-Jun-15 11:43, EpiData development and support wrote:
> Dear Hans,
> Thanks for your concern. I'm on a 64 bit system, however the 64 bit 
> software version won't work at all on my computer. I looked through 
> the archives and saw that other people with 64 bit systems were 
> complaining about this, and finally and successfully installed the 32 
> bit software version on their machine.
> Best regards,
> Michael van Straten

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