[EpiData-list] transfer questionnaire created in Mac version (2) to same version in PC?

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Thu Jun 25 05:10:01 CDT 2015

The simple answer is:
All project files (epx) work with NO changes btw. operating systems (Mac, Linux, Windows).

Make sure you are using exactly the same EntryClient version on all entry stations. If you update to a newer client, then do it on all of the stations.

Also: for all field studies it is good practice to make a pilot test for the whole sequence:
a. You define the project
b. You disseminate to all districts / local places
c. They type in a few observations in the epx and send the epx file to you.
d. You append the records in analysis
read firstfile
append /file=second.epx
append /file=third.epx
e. You change any aspects not working
f. You have v1.0 of the project.epx for dissemination.

If any issue arises during the entry process make sure always to ask the user to include with their problem report which version of EntryClient was used (help menu "copy version").

Also notice that there might be a need to export a related or encrypted file before reading in Analysis, you do this in Manager. Following export as single epx project files from a related structure you may combine them in Analysis by using the merge command.

regards Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

Den 25. jun. 2015, EpiData development and support <epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca> skrev:
> Dear friends
> apologies for this is a very simple question - may be I missed it in the
> documentation
> I would like to create a questionnaire on my Mac then take it to the field
> where there will be PCs. Will this work? Also using the data entry tool
> for PCs with a questionnaire created in the MAC programme?
> grateful for your advice
> Hilary
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