[EpiData-list] Access violation when comparing duplicate files

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Wed Jul 8 05:20:51 CDT 2015

Please inform us of: 
1 the version of manager You are using. 
2 are you working with sections on one dataform or a related system with fields and sections on all dataforms
3 have you defined a key, and if so is that used for coupling of the two project files?  

You get the version from the help menu "copy version " 

/Jens Lauritsen, Epidata association. 

On 8. jul. 2015 12.09.45 CEST, EpiData development and support <epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca> wrote:
>Dear all,
>I am trying to compare the duplicate files. I did it for each section.
>In some sections with small number of fields and just integer, the
>comparison goes well. But in other sections with larger number of
>fields, the program always shows the message “Access violation” and ask
>whether I will ignore it and continue and kill the program. 
>I always choose to ignore and the program seems to work on something.
>But nothing has really happened.
>Should I just wait, because the program is still working? Or should I
>fix something in the entries?
>I would be very grateful if someone could suggest me what to do.
>Kind regards,
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