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Thu Aug 6 14:44:08 CDT 2015

Dear Christine:

The restricted page is reserved for course participants in an upcoming 
course in Tartu.  However, similar material is available on the same 
site in the navigation panel under "Epidemiology".  On the opening page 
click on the "TBRiederEpiFlash" to watch (and listen) online or download 
the zip file and unzip to your PC and watch / listen offline.

As you noted, the teaching material on EpiData has been developed by 
Jens Lauritsen and myself over several years of closely working together 
and is continuously updated.  It has tremendously benefited from 
colleagues such as Ajay Kumar, Nguyen Binh Hoa, and Zaw Myo Tun to name 
just a few (the whole background and acknowledgments are in the 
beginning of the course material)  In a next step we will adjust Part B 
to switch to reading *.epx files (rather than as currently *.REC / *.CHK).

Best regards,


Hi Hans

Thank you for giving the link to the module, I was very interested to read through it as it is the first time I have seen teaching material using the new version of Epidata. I see there is also a link to a presentation on the site but it takes you to a restricted area that needs a password.  Are the presentations available through a public site at all? It would be good to watch this material being taught

Many thanks


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