[EpiData-list] Access violation message- still unable to open database

EpiData development and support epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca
Wed Aug 12 02:47:54 CDT 2015

Dear Jamie,
Many thanks for your email. Yes there was a lock file in the folder, even though the database was not open in either manager or EntryClient. I have deleted this. Now when I try to open the database in Manager it skips the message 'this file is locked by another program' etc, instead going straight to the Access Violation message.

I've used the 'Prepare for double data entry' function, but the _double database file also will not open.

Any idea how I can adjust the permissions on the file? (On either Mac or PC as it won't open on either).

Seeing as I can open it in EntryClient is there any way I can save this database through Entry Client and get it back to a new Manager file?

Best wishes

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