[EpiData-list] Need help for designing form on Epidata manager.

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Wed Dec 16 22:23:18 CST 2015

You can add multiple data forms to a project with the current version of Epidata.

On the main form, define the key variable and set it to be the key (Dataform menu).
Then click on the large + at the top of the left-side dataform bar.
To add another subform with the same ID, highlight its parent form and click the plus again.
The key variable gets added automatically.

If you do it that way, then you have to pass the database from one data entry person to the next.

If you want them to be working at the same time, then you have to create multiple projects that have the same unique key. You join these projects into one using Analysis.

You can enter or paste any other language text (any special characters) into any place in Epidata (field description, heading, data). So create the question in one language as a heading and in the other language as the field description. 


> On Dec 16, 2015, Peevish wrote:
> I am trying to design a form using Epidata Manager v2.0.8.56.
> I need urgent help on the following:
> 1. How to link multiple forms under one project through unique key? I will
> have four forms needed to be linked through unique ID. These forms will be
> filled by different data entry persons.
> 2. How can I put questions in two lines containing two different fonts?  It
> is needed to give translation of question in local language.

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