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Dear Vladimir:

You find at:


in the navigation tab "EpiData course", in Part B: Introduction to 
EpiData Analysis, Exercise 3: "Aggregating data and saving the summary 
data in a file" which gives you precise answers to your questions (if 
you don't want to do the exercise obtain the two PDF files for Task and 
Solution respectively, it should suffice).

You will note that EpiData Analysis exceeds Epi Info in power and 
efficiency in this respect as well.



On 25-Feb-16 15:10, EpiData development and support wrote:
> Dear colleagues
> from my rec file with individual data I created and aggregate file with
> district, agegroup and year of notification. For each combination I have a
> cummulative count of cases.
> Now I am not able to use this aggregate table as it was possible in Epiinfo
> v6. Something like:
> sumtable agegroup n /by=strict (to have a agegroup table with cumulative
> numbers for each district)
> Thanks for advise

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