[EpiData-list] EpiData question / help

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Mon Mar 7 18:55:10 CST 2016


I am accustomed to using JUMP when the 'jump to' questions are the next
(consecutive) questions.  IS there a way to use JUMP or something else to
'jump to' a future question ?

For example, here is the order of the questions :
  Q1 Age
  Q2 Status 1=Self 2=Other
  Q3 Gender 1=Female 2=Male
  Q4 Systolic blood pressure
  Q5 Diastolic blood pressure
  Q6 Height
  Q7 Weight

JUMP if Q2=1 then Jump to Q4 (the order Q2, Q3, Q4)
     if Q2=2 then Jump to Q6 (the order Q2, Q3, Q6)

Thank you.

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