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Tue Mar 8 13:01:24 CST 2016

Which version of EpiData are you using? JUMP can be to any question in your form/project.

In Classic EpiData, you can use GOTO to do what you are showing. You must add this to the .chk file:

			IF Q2 = 2 THEN
				GOTO Q6
(The epidata website has examples and the help files are very clear on how to do this)

In modern EpiData Manager, JUMP only examines the current field. The solution in your example will be to reorder the fields Q2 and Q3.


> On Mar 7, 2016, at 19:55, ??? wrote:
> I am accustomed to using JUMP when the 'jump to' questions are the next
> (consecutive) questions.  IS there a way to use JUMP or something else to
> 'jump to' a future question ?
> For example, here is the order of the questions :
>  Q1 Age
>  Q2 Status 1=Self 2=Other
>  Q3 Gender 1=Female 2=Male
>  Q4 Systolic blood pressure
>  Q5 Diastolic blood pressure
>  Q6 Height
>  Q7 Weight
> JUMP if Q2=1 then Jump to Q4 (the order Q2, Q3, Q4)
>     if Q2=2 then Jump to Q6 (the order Q2, Q3, Q6)

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