[EpiData-list] nested RELATES?

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Sun Jun 12 21:24:28 CDT 2016

I'm using Epidata 3.1 on Windows 7.

Can RELATES be nested?  By that I mean, can data entry form A relate
one-to-many with data entry form B, and some of the records in B relate
one-to-one to data entry forms C?

Specifically, I have a qes/rec/chk setup for households.

within households, there will be several people, each of whose data is
entered in qes/rec/chk B

some (not all) of the people will have asthma. For the asthmatics, I
want to, conditional on their asthma status, jump to a third qes/rec/chk
setup for data on the asthmatics.


--Chris Ryan
Broome County Health Department, Binghamton, NY, US

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