[EpiData-list] nested RELATES?

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Mon Jun 13 11:31:08 CDT 2016

Yes you can do this. There is an example with family, person, visit.
You can put RELATE in an IF THEN block to have conditional entry of the third data set

> On Jun 12, 2016, at 22:24, Chris wrote:
> I'm using Epidata 3.1 on Windows 7.
> Can RELATES be nested?  By that I mean, can data entry form A relate
> one-to-many with data entry form B, and some of the records in B relate
> one-to-one to data entry forms C?
> Specifically, I have a qes/rec/chk setup for households.
> within households, there will be several people, each of whose data is
> entered in qes/rec/chk B
> some (not all) of the people will have asthma. For the asthmatics, I
> want to, conditional on their asthma status, jump to a third qes/rec/chk
> setup for data on the asthmatics.
> Thanks.
> --Chris Ryan

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