[EpiData-list] Status of EpiData Development and a few questions

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Tue Jun 21 13:38:37 CDT 2016

Dear EpiData developers:

Excellent news then - thank you for putting continued effort into the 
development.  Just a comment on the "shrinkage" in Export options:

I support this as a most rational and efficient approach.  SAS remains 
seemingly the US government's choice, and it makes sense there, but it 
is not the most commonly used software among individual and academic 
institutional users, not least because of cost implications.  Stata has 
been steadily gaining ground over SPSS and appears to be one of the top 
choices for professional epidemiologists while R is the dominant package 
for professional statisticians.  R neatly reads (through its foreign 
package) Stata files and most decent analysis software will do so 
alike.  When push comes to shove, (probably) all software will read a 
text file [requiring though adding one's own labels from a code book].  
The proposed approach will guarantee 1) ease of maintenance during 
development, 2) ability to use a data set with proper meta-data in any 
software that reads Stata files, and 3) reading the data into any other 
software.  This should free up development time rather than trying to 
keep up with constantly changing formats.

Good move!


On 21-Jun-16 14:05, EpiData development and support wrote:
> ........
> I expect that we will no longer support export to SPSS and SAS since the maintenance of these two is cumbersome. The reason is that Stata format is fully documented and therefore easy to work with and R also reads Stata files.
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> Jens Lauritsen
> Coordinator and Initiator of the Epidata Project

Hans L Rieder, MD, MPH

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