[EpiData-list] RELATE-aware analysis

EpiData development and support epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca
Wed Aug 17 08:45:02 CDT 2016

Hello. I'm using EpiData 3.1 on windows 7 to enter data into a set of
RELATEd .rec files:

HNPforms.rec   (these are visits to households; data about the building)
Adults.rec         (data about the adults living in the household)
Children.rec      (data about the children living in the households)

Each visit to a household has a unique ID number, and that number is
propagated to a field in each adult's and child's record.  There can
be multiple visits to each household, so an indicator of initial visit
versus revisit is included in HNPforms.rec and is propagated to the
records for the adults and children living in that household.

Using EpiData Analysis, is there a way to "connect" the child records
and the adult records to their own household records, for purposes of
analysis?  Merging on the unique ID number, so to speak.



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