[EpiData-list] Is there any record limit in Epidata Analysis 2.2.2 (ver 183)

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Fri Oct 28 02:09:57 CDT 2016

Dear  Jens and Epidata Team,                                                       There ia prolonged silence on the list. I hope everything is fine and development is progressing.I have a unique concern. There is a flat file of classical Epidata Entry 3.1. The number of records is 93425. I am using Epidata Analysis 2.2.2 (ver 183).  Epidata Analysis does not read this file.Only message I get is “Loading data D:\EpiData\PH\D.REC, please wait...The indicator below is green. When I convert this “rec file”  to  “dbase file” using classical Epidata Entry 3.1,  the converted dbase file is easily read by Epidata Analysis. (However it adds decimal and two zeroes to the numeric data.My question is; Is there any record limit in Epidata Analysis 2.2.2 (ver 183)?With regards,Dr Shavinder 

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