[EpiData-list] Status and strategic decisions for development of EpiData Software

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Fri Oct 28 10:20:32 CDT 2016

For all users of EpiData Software

I am writing today to explain some changes you may notice in future list 
postings from me.

Due to regulatory demands in Denmark there is a need to formalize some 
of the development strategies, including how the EpiData list is used to 
support development. Some of the emails from me will have a form where 
statements made are understood as accepted unless further debate gives 
reason for changes.  Any comment or indication of opinion is welcomed at 
any time.
If no major comments are given within 5 days the paragraphs will be 
formally understood as accepted by the user base.

I want to reassure you that there will be NO information given to anyone 
regarding who is on the discussion list, anything you say here or 
otherwise express in relation to development or preference in strategy.

In the formal constitution of the Association this is formulated as 
stated below my signature.

There will be a continued division of decision making in EpiData 
development in which the roles are:

a. this EpiData-List:
    discuss principles, decisions, practical implementation, bug 
removal, questions on specific aspects etc.

b. the core group:
Definite strategic decisions including those with financial implications 
are placed here. The core group is comprised of those giving major input 
to development. Names are indicated in the section "Particularly Active" 
in the "Friends of EpiData" section on the credit page of the main webpage.

c. specific implementation:
These are ultimately made by me and Torsten Christiansen, who is 
assuring sound software principles.

At the final level I am legally responsible for all decisions taken, but 
it is important that the whole user base is informed of the principles.

Best regards to all

Jens Lauritsen, MD, Phd.
Initiator and Coordinator
EpiData Association, Denmark


Formal extract:

Decisions on dissemination and development strategies is taken in an 
open discussion on the EpiData list, which is open for all users. 
Specific power users from the user base will be added to a group of core 
decision makers (the board), who can sign account balance’s and grant 
signing rights to one or more persons in the core group in relation to 
payments and salaries. The board is guided in the larger decisions by 
the ”Friends of EpiData” – an international collection of experienced 
persons within EpiDemiology, Public Health and Community Medicine 
supporting the aim of the EpiData Association. Updated lists of names 
are shown at www.epidata.dk/credit.htm.

To ensure broad support in development decisions and strategies all 
major directional plans will be made publicly available on the EpiData 
discussion group list, which is open to all users. Such plans will be 
clearly formulated as such with proper timelimits for commenting and 
possible changes.

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