[EpiData-list] Is there any file size limit in Epidata Analysis

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Fri Oct 28 22:59:51 CDT 2016

Dear Jens,                       Thanks for the quick response. It was heartening to know that Epidata development is progressing. Keep up this good work for the public health cause.Regarding the record limit issue;I tried correcting the wrong dates and that did not help. I tried reading the file without date variables, still the same problem persisted.  However, I extracted 3 variables of interest and wrote a separate file of 4.9 Mb. Original file size is 9.2 Mb. This extracted small file was easily read by Epidata Analysis.Just a small point about Epidata Analysis.If there is adequate RAM (4 Gb) and hard disk space (1 Tb) on the PC, does Epidata Analysis have any file size limitation? Can size of the rec file be the problem here?With regards,Dr. Shavinder

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