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Thu Nov 10 07:53:34 CST 2016

Your question is very clear.

When we decided to have an upgraded, completely rewritten version of  EpiData software obviously such development is a very large effort, which the whole time needs as well dedication, proper planning, but also strategic decisions. One of these were that what you asked for - namely full flexibility of user written definitions - will only come at a late stage. 

Which most likely is after we have released a re-written analysis also working with the xml based current project principle used in EpiData Manager and EpiData EntryClient.

The current principle and possibilities used in epx based projects is  what we think accomodates more than 80% of users, which is important. 

Sometimes the need to accomodate all functionality results in complicated structures or logic.

Users should also remember, that we are very few people doing the development on a very tight budget with only full time employed person and on my part the work is on top of full time job. And therefore it is necessary that we do follow the structured overall plan.

In other words - if you wish to use the "If ... Then" principle just now, then you must stick to EpiData Classic. 

But with the expectation that at some point - provided sufficient Continued funding - we will include this very crucial asset of EpiData software in a public release.

Best wishes

Jens Lauritsen
Coordinator and initiator
EpiData Association, Denmark

On 9. november 2016 14.46.29 WET, EpiData development and support <epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca> wrote:
>Dear Epidata users,
>Apologies if this has been asked before but I could not find the answer
>in the archive.
>I knew how to do an IF and THEN command in the old version of Epidata.
>I am now using version and am stuck. I can perform a skip
>based on the field I am on  (in 'field 'properties' in the 'jump' tab).
>But how do I do a skip based on a previous field? i.e. at the end of a
>section entering personal information I want to skip to one of several
>subsequent sections depending on what was entered in one of the early
>fields of personal information, not the last one in the section.
>I hope my query is clear.
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