[EpiData-list] Problem with change of name of valuelabel and valuelabels for type

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Thu Nov 10 18:05:24 CST 2016

Dear Epi-Data team! 

If you intend to change to a new Valuelabel (eg change name of the
valuelabel and add a new value) in manager and do this via "Edit" and
changes the name of the old label and add a value, then all variabels in
the project get the new valuelabel. 

You have to do like this: "Edit", choose "none", then "Apply". Then
choose "New" and make the new valuelabel. But when doing this I get
"Access violation" error message. 

I think the access violation error is a problem with the type UPPERCASE
which do not allow that you create valuelabels.

Best regards 


Jonas Malmstedt 
Överläkare, M.D, Ph.D. - Consultant vascular surgeon 
Section for vascular surgery,  - Department of Surgery 
Södersjukhuset - 118 83 Stockholm - Sweden 

http://ki.se/en/kisos/sosvasc [2]
http://ki.se/people/jonmal [3] 

[1] http://orcid.org/0000-0002-2758-9623
[2] http://ki.se/en/kisos/sosvasc
[3] http://ki.se/people/jonmal

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