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Tue Jan 3 02:28:19 CST 2017

First good year with a new version of EpiData Analysis.
Thank you for your work.
I tested some commands from the first test version:
- I guess ": =" instead of "=" is because of the Mac or Linux? In any 
case, it is complicated to teach (less intuitive). Except for the 
equivalences (like Stata with the "=" and the "==" ...
- Same for "!" instead "/" ?
- Please use both upper and lower case for commands and variable names
- After the "freq" command, the percentages are written in the vertical 
form and should be followed by "! c" instead of "! r"
- Some personal demands for pedagogical purposes:
= The "means"! t "command should show the result of the" t "test in case 
of two averages, and the result of ANOVA in case of more than two 
averages. I know that que le "F" est the square of the "t" for 
comparison of two averages.
= Provide a complement to the "regress" command to get the regression 
line (as in the old Epi-Info "(eg"! Line ")
= For the comparison of percentages, in case of insufficient calculated 
numbers (Ncell <5), do not calculate the chi-square and the "p" of the 
chi-square, and present the Fisher test for two percentages (the 
software "R" also presents the Fisher test for more than two percentages).
Good luck. Thank you to excuse my bad english....

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