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Sat Jan 14 05:46:34 CST 2017


Thanks very much for this great job!

I downloaded the last test version and I noticed several problems
- manager: the section name is never saved (when changed, the name is reset to section1 2,... on reload of the project). It is the same thing in version 2.x
- entry: I experienced a non-reproducible crash during data entry after playing with the "Browse all data" window
- entry : I noticed the problem already encountered about expansion of the first column of the "browse all data"
- manager: there is an overlap of radio buttons in the "Entry Mode" panel of the "Extended" tab of the "field properties" window.
- manager: overlap of radio buttons ine the "Update Mode" panel of the "Basic" panle of the "field properties" window for auto date and auto time fields
- manager: the "field properties" window has been enlarged and I cannot reduce it.

A request for the data entry manager about jumps: would it be possible to reset the value to of fields to a numeric or text value. I'd like to be able to do so in the following case for example:
"Does the patient have a surgical history? YES/NO"
If "yes" there is a serie of yes/no questions about specific surgeries.
If the response of the main question is NO I would like to be able to reset the list of following questions to NO.
It was possible to do it with epidata 3.

For your information, I'm currently using the 64bit version under windows 7 pro.

Best regards

Jean-marie Chrétien. CHU Angers - DRCI
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