[EpiData-list] How to read epx files created with most recent (v4) project files in Analysis ?

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Thu Jan 26 10:55:28 CST 2017

Every time we add new functionality to Manager and EntryClient the underlying structure of the epx file has to change. An example of this is the latest addition of entry control at user level and logging of what the user does if you have added extended access control to the project.
A consequence of this is that the standard analysis software (v2.2.2.b185) must also be updated, we have not YET done so. Therefore if you read a epx project file created with the most recent public version (v4) of Manager and EntryClient it will seem as if you have no data in the file, which is obviously not true.

We will update Analysis (v2.2.2.b185) to accomodate reading of the new files. If all goes well this will be ready next week.

Until this is done you may follow these steps to read your recently created or updated epx file:
a. work in manager and entryclient as you have done already
(make sure it is the public release from <Http://www.epidata.dk/download.php>)

b. if you wish to look at the data, you may do so from EntryClient or Manager "browse data" (Ctrl+D)
c. If you use Stata or other statistics software for analysis, then export to that dataformat, else:

d. to do e.g. a frequency table or means of some entered data do this:
d1: Get a copy of the prototype new analysis from: <http://www.epidata.dk/testing.php>
d2: make a copy of the epx file (say mycopy.epx) - standard file copying on your system.
d3: read the copy (say mycopy.epx) into the prototype of analysis (v0.06)
d4: The syntax of the new analysis is somewhat different from old analysis. (see in the help menu), e.g.
read "mycopy.epx" ;
// notice that comments are now started with double //
// for a frequency table with percentage and one decimal of variable v2, you would type :
freq v2 !R !D1
// for means of age you would type:
means alder !t !by:=meldetype ;

The ; at the end will be added automatically if you write the command in the command prompt, but if you write the commands in the editor, you will have to add them on each line.

The reason for copying the file (mycopy.epx) is that you must NEVER use production data in the test versions of the software. Test software is always found on <http://www.epidata.dk/testing.php>

When we have fixed reading the new epx files for b185, you may again read the file into standard analysis.

best wishes

Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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