[EpiData-list] Updates to .qes and .rec files without changing .chk

EpiData development and support epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca
Mon Feb 6 16:20:25 CST 2017

1. Make a copy of the .chk file with a new name or in a new folder
2. Revise the .rec as you have planned
3. Keeping the copy you made safe, copy the .chk file back to the project folder, with the correct name.

Everything will be OK. If you need to make revisions to the .chk to accommodate your change, do them now.


> I am trying to revise some of the wording in a single question on the .qes file of a database that has been in use for several years.  The labels would NOT change and I don't need any of the coding in the .chk file to change.   I understand that I will have to revise the .rec file in order to make this change visible to the users when they go to fill out the data form.  However, anytime I try to make the simple wording change in the .qes file, then select "revise data file" in the tools menu, I receive a message saying that ALL the coding in my .chk file will be lost and I would have to re-enter all of it.   I don't want to make any changes to the .chk file, only the wording in a single question on my data form!
> Is there a way to revise the wording of one of my questions without the need to re-do all the coding in my .chk file?

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