[EpiData-list] Suggestions for Epidata Manager

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Thu Feb 16 20:27:25 CST 2017

Dear Sir,

I have been using Epidata Manager, EntryClient for past one year. I like
it's simple and user friendly features. With my recent use I have few
1. In variable properties>Calculate, please provide option to calculate
using any mathematical operation sign (+, -,÷,×) between atleast four
2. For jump rules, if it should be allowed to set the values of the
questions jumped as per the value of jump. For eg. If there are variables
A, B, C and D. If Code 1 is selected in A then jump to D and put the code 2
in B and C. If Code 2 in a selected in A then jump to C and put the code 1
in B.
3. In date variables an option of automatic date and time capture which is
once captured and doesn't not change if the same form opened next time.
This will help if we have multiple sections for data entry in single form
which will be entered at different time intervals.
4. In browse data, it will be helpful if we can select and see any
particular data entry in columns.

Warm regards,
peeyush1902 at gmail.com

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