[EpiData-list] Suggestions for Epidata Manager

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Fri Feb 17 08:26:56 CST 2017

Some of what you want is available now.

2. If your value labels for B and C do not currently
 include missing values, you can set up values labels like this
Field	Value	Label	Missing
B		1 		aaaaaa	*(checked)
		2 		bbbbbb	*(checked)
C		2 		ccccccc	*(checked)

and the Jump for A:
Jump value	GoTo Field	Reset Value
1 			D			Max defined missing value (B and C get 2)
2 			C			Second max defined missing value (B gets 1)

3. Auto date fields have three possibilities.
On new record - gets set when the record is first created and then does not change
On first save - gets set when the record is first saved and then does not change
On save/update - gets reset every time the record is saved

It looks like you want the first option, which is the default.


> I have been using Epidata Manager, EntryClient for past one year. I like
> it's simple and user friendly features. With my recent use I have few
> suggestions:
> 1. In variable properties>Calculate, please provide option to calculate
> using any mathematical operation sign (+, -,÷,×) between atleast four
> variables.
> 2. For jump rules, if it should be allowed to set the values of the
> questions jumped as per the value of jump. For eg. If there are variables
> A, B, C and D. If Code 1 is selected in A then jump to D and put the code 2
> in B and C. If Code 2 in a selected in A then jump to C and put the code 1
> in B.
> 3. In date variables an option of automatic date and time capture which is
> once captured and doesn't not change if the same form opened next time.
> This will help if we have multiple sections for data entry in single form
> which will be entered at different time intervals.
> 4. In browse data, it will be helpful if we can select and see any
> particular data entry in columns.

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