[EpiData-list] EpiData Manager (v4.0.2.101) and EntryClient (v4.0.2.49) released

EpiData development and support epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca
Fri Mar 3 04:26:45 CST 2017

Dear List.

Today we have released a minor update for EpiData Manager (v4.0.2.101) 
and EntryClient (v4.0.2.49) with the following changes:

* Fixed a bug where starting with -i commandline, but with no arguments, 
which caused A/V
* On Variable properties - moved EntryMode to basic pane.
* Grouped Value Labels and Ranges together * Removed variable property 
"Show Value Label Notes" - was not used
* Fixed bug were it was posible to try import data to valuelabels with 
unsuppported variables selected.
* Rename "max missing value" and "2nd max..." to "last missing value" 
and "2nd last..." as it is actualle the order of missing values that 

* Changed the behaviour and text for the dialog when an existing 
index/key is found
* Fixed a bug where the program would crash on close if preferences were 
opened with a project opened
* All hints (including error hints) now follow the timing set in 
* Fixed a bug where the default font on windows might not have been 
present on all operating systems

The new version is as always available from the download page:

Kind regards
Torsten Bonde Christiansen

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