[EpiData-list] Reg Epidata Manager

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Thu Apr 13 12:24:16 CDT 2017

1) Can you wait and do this in Analysis or another software? Unless your data entry logic depends on this time difference, it should not be necessary to do the calculation in EntryClient.

2) It would be nice, but not in this version. You certainly don’t have to enter the seconds - they will always show up as 00.


> On Apr 13, 2017, Madhurita wrote:
> 1) I am not able to automatically calculate the number of hours from the calculate option. I have input date and time and entered it into the calculate option but it is not giving me the correct answer. e.g. I have input date of injury and time of injury; and date of presentation and time of presentation. I need to calculate the number of hours of delay in presentation. I am not able to do that.
> 2) Is it possible to change the time option and exclude the seconds?

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