[EpiData-list] indexing records in epidatastat and retrieving values

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Fri Apr 14 17:02:14 CDT 2017

Dear Sir,
I am trying to retrieve value of variables based on other variables.

Example: a dataset with 3 observations:
#        region_code       ill
1        21                         4
2        30                        10
3        40                         6

i have tried the following:

sort region_code
gen i s =_n

but i am getting the result of the last observation and not the first.

I will be thankful if you advise on how to retrieve the value of a variable
based on record indexing.
Nada Ghosn, MD
Head, Epidemiology Surveillance Program (Esumoh)
Ministry of Public Health
Beirut, Museum square
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Email esumohleb at gmail.com, esumoh at moph.gov.lb
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