[EpiData-list] Make a Cascades and calculate some fields

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Wed Jun 21 06:36:13 CDT 2017

> On Jun 20, 2017,Konan Diby wrote:
> 1. Please somebody can help me to do a cascade in Epidata?My database have 4 levels (Region, District, Health Aeria and Village). I want to make a cascade model. 
> So, when i select one region, i want to only have the district linked to the r?gion. The same for district and health aeria and village.
In Epidata Classic, there is a way to change the value labels within an IF THEN ENDIF block. I cannot find the example. However, this will be complicated with four levels. 

> 2. How to have results with addition of some fields (Integer). In this Epidata version, we can calculate hours and concatenate.
You cannot do this in Epidata Manager/EntryClient. Normally, I do this at the time of analysis, rather than data entry.


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