[EpiData-list] Read and Merge “rec” file commands and few suggestions in New Epidata Analysis (

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Sun Jul 9 11:41:55 CDT 2017

Dear Jens,                                     It is heartening to see the Epidata Analysis development progressing. Our favourite “qes/chk/rec” file  systm  seems fading  on the horizon. Our old applications are still functional in Classic Epidata Entry. It is comparatively easy to upgrade to the new”epx” file if one is using the FLAT file. However, the relational “rec” files cannot be upgraded to the new  ”epx” file. There was a line written in the mail that  one can read “rec” file but not write it in the new Epidata Analysis. Hence I request you to kindly preserve the read and merge (rec files) commands in the new Epidata Analysis.The Command and Function Reference Guide 2.1 is fairly exhaustive. Command “Merge” is perhaps not introduced in the prototype version, hence not mentioned in the Command and Function Reference Guide.It is possible to generate by the available Graphics in the Epidata Analysis ver 2.2.3 (build 187) by command syntax  generated by using  “Diaglogue boxes”.  Available options in the graphical output are excellent. However some tweaking is still required to get the final graph. PGMs is a wonderful feature with infinite possibilities. Gratitude to Epidata team for the sustained effort .With regards,Dr.  Shavinder Singh 

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