[EpiData-list] Difficulty in Importing Relational database of Classical epidata into Epidata Manager

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Mon Oct 9 05:56:04 CDT 2017

Importing such a system is not an easy task.

I suggest that you send to our "support" mail info (at) epidata.dk the 

A drawing of the structure.

Please also send any further documentation to that mail and we will look 
at it.

Please also use text formatted mails for EpiData lists, since otherwise 
it looks unreadable.

Your mail was:

Dear Jens,
I am trying to import Classical Epidata Relational File System of 8 
tables into Epidata EntryClient.
The structure is as follows;
Eligible Couple
Under five
Agesex &
Growth Monitoring &nbs

We  can import Family,  Eligible couple AgeSex and tuberculosis 
structure data files easily and link also .

However the files linked to eligible couple ; Pregnant , Contra , Under 
five and Growth monitoring
only the structure of the file is imported, NOT DATA.

When we click the data check button in the Import Dialogue Box, it shows 
the following error .
Importing data is only impossible when the imported dataset has same 
variable (names +type) as  the defined variables!

That is already the case.

The primary key between family and other  directly linked files is
FFNO a text variable .

The primary key between Ecouple  and linked files is
  FAMIDNUM a numeric  variable.

The primary key between Underfive and Growth monitoring files
Card2 a numeric variable .

The number of records are in thousands.
I am using the latest version of Epidata Manager and EntryClient.
Why we are not able to import the data of Pregnant , contra , Under five 
and Growth monitoring files. Please guide

Dr. Shavinder Singh
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I edited above, while the original contained multiple lines of 

Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association, Denmark

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