[EpiData-list] Error in exporting .epx file to .dta

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Mon Oct 23 09:42:57 CDT 2017

Dear team members,
I had entered data in an .epx file created using EpiData Manager v4.2.0.0
with jumps set for certain variables using the last defined and second last
defined missing values. A unique identifier was also created for each
record by combining two integer fields.
On importing the data to stata for analysis, the following issues have been
1. The unique id field remains empty in the stata file
2. Wherever, missing values were indicated in the .epx file, they appear as
large random numbers in the stata file and not as the actual value that was
entered. For example, age entered as 999 (missing) in the .epx file shows
up as "32740" in the stata file. This happens only when the "missing" box
is ticked while assigning value labels for categorical or continuous

This issue has been noted in the previous versions of epidata manager as
well as while exporting to newer versions of stata and SPSS.

I have attached the sample .epx file and the .dta file for your reference.

Thanks and Regards

Dr. Divya Nair
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