[EpiData-list] Mulitple Diagnosis

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Sun Nov 26 05:51:44 CST 2017

Dear Jens and Jammy ,First example quantifies the total number of diagnosis which can besorted in descending order to see the magnitude.Second example actually adds all diagnosis in one defined variable (AllDiag).This can again be sorted in descending order (to see the magnitude) anddiagnosis grouping by sorting alphabetical. This data was actually entered inExcell sheet as numerically coded diagnosis. AllDiagnosis___________ resulted in sum of all the numberic data.Hence these codes were converted to actual diagnosis. This resulted inexcellent pattern of diagnostic combinations of all patients. Epidata Analysisis a marvellous software.Thank you for your prompt response and sustained effort to develop Epidata.Much appriciated.Dr Shavinder Singh

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