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Dear Jens and team
This is fantastic news
Awaiting the stable version soon!
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Today's Topics:

   1. New test release of EpiData Analysis v0.9.0.0     (experimental)
      (EpiData development and support)


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Date: Sat, 2 Dec 2017 01:01:18 +0100
From: EpiData development and support
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To: EpiData development and support <epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca>
Subject: [EpiData-list] New test release of EpiData Analysis v0.9.0.0
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Dear all users

A test version of the new EpiData Analysis was released today. Get it
from:? Http://www.epidata.dk/testing.php

All data management and check of data should now be ready and work
similarly in EntryClient, Manager and New Analysis, e.g. help menu.

Data management includes: Reading of files (rec, epx, stata, csv,
clipboard), creation of new variables, labels, browsing, check data
command, saving data in files (epx, stata, csv, copy to clipboard from
browser), but also running pgm files with comprehensive loops etc.

But since it is in development: MAKE SURE YOU WORK ON COPIES OF REAL DATA

Extract the appropriate files (depending on Windows, Linux, Mac version)
and make sure you maintain the folder structure. Then start epidataanalysis.

The main changes since October 13th (v0.8.4.0) are:

* Now all three Operating Systems are supported (Linux, Mac, Windows).
* Hit F1 to get automatic search based on content (command line or editor)
* observation identifier may be used, e.g. : new var id i := _n;
* observations can be checked with the [_n] reference, e.g.: v1:= v1[_n-2] ;
 ?? (add [_n] with alt+n in the editor or command line)
* Browser shows a snapshot of data and you may open several browsers
 ??? (after browse - use right click to copy or adapt data).
* Complex formulations of command syntax allowed (References to
variables, loops, expansions of variable names)
* Font control (all windows) and custom startup.pgm for preferences
* More set options to change aspects of the interface. Faster output.
* Recent files are shared with Manager and EntryClient.
* More commands, functions and options are added (Hit F1 to see these)
 ?? example: erase "tempfile.epx"

If you have not used the new analysis before, please start the software
and look in the help menu (Tutorials local), where you find more
explanatory files, including how to adapt old pgm files for the new syntax.

To see more aspects, please see the mail from announcement of version

If problems arise please report to this list. But make sure you WORK on
COPIES OF DATA until we have the first public release.

It is of particular interest for us if you can challenge creation and
modification of projects (epx files) with subsequent addition of data in
EntryClient and view or change of structure in Manager. Our internal
standard is about 500 automatic tests, but we cannot test how saved epx
files work in EntryClient and Manager automatically.

Best wishes

Jens Lauritsen and Torsten Christiansen
EpiData Association, Denmark

The main changes to the command syntax are:
 ? 1. use ; at the end of each command in a pgm file
 ? 2. use := to give variables a new content????? . e.g. v1 := 10;
 ? 3. options are indicated with ! instead of /,? e.g. freq v1 !cum ;
means age !t;
 ? 4. filenames must contain extension, and enclosed in "projectmain.epx".
 ? 5. Similar aspects are grouped, e.g. list data; list variables; list
 ? 6. Defining and editing variables have a common structure: new var;
edit var; drop var;
 ? 7. Many additions allow comprehensive programming


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