[EpiData-list] New experimental Analysis for testing released - v0.9.0.15

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Fri Dec 22 10:07:18 CST 2017

Dear all users

We have released next experimental version for testing, which you may 
find from the page: Http://www.epidata.dk/testing.php

Many issues have been fixed since the latest public test in early 
december. A complete list is found at the bottom.

In particular we have fixed and quality assured the data integrity 
command: check data, check key, check relate

But also many other issues, e.g. colour control. These lines will turn 
output and command line into yellow on black background.

set "COMMANDLINE BG COLOUR"   := "#000000";
set "OUTPUT BG COLOUR"        := "#000000";
set "OUTPUT FONT COLOUR"      := "#FFF000";

Many other aspects have been fixed, e.g. search and replace in editor in 

Next in line is the implementation of tables command and a few more 
issues in relation to data-management, which will then be announced as a 
pre-public version.

Please do some testing in particular of saving files after changes to 
variables and structures, followed by entry in EntryClient and report to 
the list of your experiences.

Best wishes for the coming end of year festivitas and a merry christmas 
for those who celebrate the christmas traditions.

Jens Lauritsen and Torsten Christiansen
EpiData Association

Complete list:
* Removed the result variable $SYSTEMDIR and replaced with the function 
* Editor "open file" now opens in current directory
* Options may now be a global that holds other options:
  - new global OPT s := "!cum !d0"
  - freq sex  !OPT   // this will effectively act as freq sex !cum !d0
* Fixed a number of bugs in "check relate" and "check key"
* Added additional result variables to "check relate" and "check key"
* Fixed bugs in relation to names already used in sections/headings
* Editor: Inserting history/set-options
* "list var" and variable information (F3) now shows variables that are 
part of key with a "*"
* Added sub-command "edit data" with option !del -> marks all record in 
current select for deletion
* Added command "report users"
* Added option !del to "browse" and "list data" to show ONLY records 
marked for deletion
* Browser: Added shortcut "CTRL + G" which shows a dialog for jump to 
* Added SET OPTIONS for COLOUR control og OUTPUT, COMMANDLINE and Browser
* Added option !output [:= "html | text"] to "save" command. This saves 
the output buffer to text or html.
* And many minor bug fixes.

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