[EpiData-list] New testversions for EpiData Manager, EntryClient and Analysis

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Thu Mar 15 10:52:02 CDT 2018

We have just uploaded new testversions on: 

Analysis: EpiData EntryClient: EpiData Manager:

We are still approaching public releases, but still lack some aspects. 
Remember to ALWAYS work on copies of data. In particular with this 
release if you use encryption since we have updated the strength of 
encryption to a stricter (modernized) level - SHA512.

The following changes has been made in particular in relation to 
securing that we meet new demands for encryption and logging in relation 
to the regulatory requirements.

During the coming week our inhouse complete test will be applied. But 
please do report any aspects you find problematic or strange.

In manager we have done a bit of re-arrangement of the menu's, such that 
defining a "key" is now part of the properties for the datasets 

On the route to open-source we have done a test of having all source 
code installed in Canada by Jamie Hockin, who provided an updated 
"means" calculation in analysis, such that this should now be more 
precise. This was a promising test.

A list of all changes is shown below.

Best wishes

Jens Lauritsen & Torsten Bonde Christiansen
EpiData Association, Denmark.


* Jumps to fields can now also be key fields
* Moved key selection from own windows to dataset properties
* Added tools: Export Securitylog
* Fixed several bug in exporting to Stata 13+

* Bugfixes related to jump
* Bugfixes related to logging with Extended Access
* Added posibility to mark a record as Verified
  - observations that are "Marked for Deletion" cannot be directly 
marked as verified, but MUST be unmarked from deletion first. (under 
Extended Access this requires READ rights on the dataset)
* Added additional information to the email body if the project is setup 
to create an email on close.


* Added "Days between password change" to Extended Access projects (and 
enforcement thereof)
* Extended logging capabilities when using Extended Access
* Better handling of recent files across Manager/Entryclient/Analysis
* Updated cryptography of both Single Password and Extended Access from 
SHA1 to SHA512

Consequential changes of the above to ensure reading and writing files 

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