[EpiData-list] Appending memo and text fields, and better display for high dpi screen

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Tue Mar 27 12:20:30 CDT 2018

1) You can do this merge with Analysis if the text and memo fields have the same name, like this:

read “fileA.epx”; append !fn:=“fileB.epx”; save “fileC.epx”;

It does not matter which you read first, but it is probably best to read the text field first (or perhaps go with which ever has the longer text field in the project definition). Analysis currently does not distinguish between text and memo and it will retain all text, even in a field that is shorter than the actual text.

If you try to append with Manager, it will not add memo contents to a text field or vice versa because the field definitions don’t match.

2) I’m also using a Mac with a hi res screen and I never noticed until today that the user interface text is not crisp in Manager and EntryClient. It is small enough that, from my usual reading distance, the fuzzy edges are not noticeable. The text is crisp in the test version of Analysis, so there may be a difference in the rendering (although all the test versions use the same core code).

I am using the latest test versions of all 3 apps.


> On Mar 27, 2018, Zaw wrote:
> (1) I have two epx files with the same variables, except that file A has a
> memo field and the corresponding field in file B is a string (as I imported
> file B from a stata dataset). How can I append these two files to have a
> memo field in my final file?
> (2) Is there a setting for a better display of the user interface on a high
> dpi screen? The texts on the manager and entry client look blurred at the
> moment.

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