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Fri Apr 6 04:16:00 CDT 2018

A brief status is:

Manager and EntryClient: We do not expect addition of more functionality 
than found in the pre-release versions available this week.

It is therefore very important that you report and discuss on this list 
(or add to Flyspray):
a. Bugs in current functionality
b. Any feature of high importance lacking in Manager or EntryClient
(We are aware that scripting is not implemented, e.g. "before entry 
...... after entry" blocks. )

The Classic EpiData Analysis v2.2 - build 187 is the latest for 
production use. This will not be developed further, but will gradually 
be replaced by the new Analysis - which is still at the "experimental 
level". Major remaining aspects are: graphs, tables, dialog menu's 
collapsing/aggregating data, html formulation.

We have decided to change the installation principles to a bundled 
package principle. The user will then only need to download one file, at 
least for Windows. The size of that single file will be larger, but 
still quite small (20-30Mb), which we hope pose no problem. The 
advantage is that in controlled environments only one file needs to be 
provided, e.g. here in the health region a new principle will only allow 
installation from a common system. EpiData has been accepted as part of 
that due to the inclusion of logging capabilities and we only need to 
deliver one package file for the health region.

Question: Are all Linux users capable of working in 64 bit mode ? (Or do 
you have Linux installed on 32 bit computers)

Open-Source release
We are also working on aspects of release as open-source. This includes 
for example documentation of aspects of design and principles for other 
users to install and extend aspects on their own computers. More news on 
this later. The first test went well in the understanding that a power 
user (Jamie Hockin) in Canada could install all software and development 
tools, compile and also add to the main source code.

Best wishes to all from Torsten Bonde Christiansen and I.

Jens Lauritsen
Initiator and Coordinator
EpiData Association

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