[EpiData-list] New Epidata Analysis Editor background Colour

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Mon Apr 30 02:13:19 CDT 2018

Dear Jens,

We work most of the time in Epidata Analysis main window the 
.....It is easy onthe eyes to work in the dark background.Dr. Shavinder 
We will add these two on the "to-do" development list:

set "editor BG COLOUR"            := "#FFFFFF";
set "editor FONT COLOUR"          := "#000000";

All users are encouraged to challenge the latest analysis (version since we do see it as version 1 for public use in terms of:
- reading project files
- data management
- combination of files (merge, append)
- saving, exporting and archiving data files (epx, dta, csv, ddi-3.1) 
including metadata
- frequencies, count, means
- documenting content of logging during entry

It will be released for public release after we have finished a complete 
introduction document.

Best wishes
Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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