[EpiData-list] Major news : Rewritten EpiData Analysis v1.0, updated versions of EpiData Manager and EntryClient

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Tue May 8 11:30:19 CDT 2018

For all EpiData Users.

Today we have taken a major step forward with the release of a rewritten 
EpiData Analysis in version 1.0 and version 4.4 of Manager and 
EntryClient. The ability to use relational structures, encryption, user 
logging and other complex aspects has been implemented.

We do hope that users will find this an important step forward. It will 
not be long before further functionality is available in Analysis. In 
the test versions we have already a functional aggregate, and tables is 
next step.

Get the new versions for Linux, Mac and Windows from:

Read the introduction documents for each software from the help menu 
after you start the software.

As always when versions of software change be particularly critical to 
ensure backup copies of all data in a secure place before updating.

Analysis is ready as v1.0 in terms of:
- read project files  (epx/epz including encrypted files),
                   but also Stata dta, CSV, Rec+Chk files)
- data management
- combine files (merge, append)
- saving, exporting and archiving data files
      (epx, dta, csv, ddi-3.1) including metadata
- frequencies, count, means
- validation of files and other aspects

For Windows there is a combined installer for all three types of 
software - regardless of whether you have a 32 or 64 bit computer.

All three EpiData software tools use an updated data file structure. 
Once you have read and saved an epx file it will not be possible to open 
it in a previous version of the software. So make sure to update all 
copies of the software that you are using, e.g. if you have local data 

All example files are now located in a specific user specified folder, 
which you may choose during installation. In that folder example pgm 
files for analysis and pdf introduction documents are contained.

Observation: on some restricted systems (eg. in a hospital) the user 
might not be asked to decide the folder position during installation or 
other user specifications. We cannot apparently control the installation 

As always discuss function on this list and contact us in case of 
serious or reproducible data errors occurring due to system functioning 
on info (at) epidata.dk

We wish to express as well thanks for inspiration and help from in 
particular Jamie Hockin and Hans Rieder, but also received funding from 
The Union (DFID fund) and other funding bodies.

Torsten B. Christensen and Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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