[EpiData-list] new ANALYSIS (with tables and aggregate) available

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Wed May 30 16:04:53 CDT 2018

For all users

Today we uploaded a revised (new) Analysis v1.2.0.0, which can create 
tables and do aggregation of data.

Get the new versions from :  http://www.epidata.dk/download.php
On that page you may always see a complete list of changes with versions.

The table module in (new) EpiData Analysis will now do proper row, 
column and total percentages, and the aggregate command may create 
tables of estimates (mean, Ci, percentiles) for all combinations defined 
by subgroups of other variables. You may also save the aggregate table 
as a separate dataset within the project.

In the help file of (new) Analysis the header indicates  that for doing:
Graphs, SPC graphs, Kaplan-Meier lifetables and testing other than basic 
Chi2 you must still use EpiData Analysis Classic.

We identified a few peculiar bugs related to combinations of missing 
data or specifications when reading rec files and saving Stata files 
(beyond version 13) . Since reading and writing of data files is a 
common core function shared between Manager, EntryClient and Analysis we 
have also uploaded rebuild versions of these.

Please comment use and problems on this list.

Jens Lauritsen and Torsten B. Christiansen
EpiData Association

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