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Mon Sep 10 13:12:16 CDT 2018

In addition to what was mentioned, you can get an extended exercise if 
you are interested:

1) Go to www.tbrieder.org
2) Click the "EpiData course" in the navigation panel
3) Look for "Part B: Introduction to EpiData Analysis" / "Exercise 4: 
 From a spreadsheet to an EpiData file"

In particular it will clarify the rules that must be adhered to that 
Jamie alluded to.


On 10-Sep-18 06:21, EpiData development and support wrote:
> Do you know a software which converts Excel XLS to .REC?
> Thanks
> Dr Pierre-Yves Robillard

Hans L Rieder, MD, MPH
Web: http://www.tbrieder.org

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