[EpiData-list] Parent form and number of Child Forms

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There is no limit as such.

But for each additional level You must add another key variable.

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Jens Lauritsen 

Den 31. oktober 2018 11.23.00 GMT+07:00, EpiData development and support <epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca> skrev:
>Dear Jens,How many parent child forms can be related in Epidata
>Managerand EntryClient?I have noticed that following sequence of forms
>do relate upto 3levels only.Family Form-&gt; Eligible Couple Form-&gt;
>Under Five Child Form-&gt; Growth Monitoring FormClassical Epidata
>Entry could relate upto 4 forms.Is there any technical limitation to
>number of &quot;child&quot;forms whioch can related to main and
>subsequent child forms?With regards,Dr. Shavinder
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