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a lot of thanks for the explanation!

> If you have access control (user logging) a given user can get the right to verify.

Hmm,this is not an explicit right,or?. Which Entry Right includes this?
Backgroud: For a Monitor/Clinical Research Associate an Account with 
only a reading right is assigned. It would be nice if only the Monitor 
could change the VER-State-Button. Is this manageable?

Generally I'm sorry to say, but this is not working.
After re-edit, the state is not falling back to standard.
I checked it on Windows with and without extended Useraccess, with 
EpiData Entry 4.4.1 and update to 4.4.3
Greetings from Hamburg

Am 17.11.2018 um 12:41 schrieb EpiData development and support:
> A given observation (record) during entry may be in different states.
> 1 Standard, just entered or edited
> 2 marked for deletion.
> 3 verified
> Mark for deletion is invoked with the "del" and verified with the "ver".
> If you have access control (user logging) a given user can get the right to verify.
> Verify may also be used as an alternative to double entry if you (eg as supervisor) visually control the entry independently of the previous entry of actual data.
> You will also notice that marking "ver" will force you to answer "save changes", since the attribute is set (or removed).
> If you edit data in a verified observation the state is changed back to standard.
> Best wishes
> /Jens Lauritsen
> Epidata association
> Den 16. november 2018 11.43.51 CET, EpiData development and support <epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca> skrev:
>> Hallo Jens, hallo List,
>> my name is Michael, located in Hamburg/Germany University Medical
>> Center
>> Hamburg-Eppendorf.
>> I have a small question:
>> What is the meaning of the "VER"-Button in Statusbar/Record State of
>> the
>> EntryClient?
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