[EpiData-list] Is there a way to get an older version of the software ?

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Wed Jan 30 04:59:58 CST 2019

We do NOT recommend that users continue with old versions of 
EntryClient, Manager og Analysis.

During development the following occurs:

a. We fix bugs which have been identified.
b. Functionality is added according to the development plan
c. Sometimes fixing a bug or adding new functionality extends the 
structure of the project epx files. The new version will read ALL old 
version and update the project. But old versions cannot read the updated 
project file.

In experimental and development versions found on the test page we might 
experiment with new structure of the project files. THEREFORE NEVER use 
your production files with test versions. !

Since bugs are resolved in new versions always specify precisely which 
version and which operating system (windows, linux, mac) your are using 
when errors occur. Therefore the help menu has a function "copy version 
info", which may then easily be added to a mail to this list.


EpiData Manager: (2019/01/30 - 11:30:31)
Program Version: r1493
Core version: r1490
FPC Version: 3.0.0
Platform: x86_64-Linux

In the help menu "Check Version Online" will compare and report against 
current public and experimental versions if you have internet access.

An issue may arise if a workplace (e.g. a hospital) does not allow the 
users to add new versions. For instance there was a report that one 
health region only updates software once every six months.

On your own responsibility you may then get the old version again (which 
some users wished for home use), by manually entering in a browser the 
complete file name with the old version numbers.

e.g. to get version of Manager for Mac you would like to get 
this file: setup.epidatamanager.
You add that name to the archive folder name: 
and specify it with an http:// in front.

But a much better option is to always work with the latest version. A 
resolved bug could for instance solving a "save data problem".

All web pages for the EpiData project will be replaced when time permits 
this. Once that is done we will have a policy of access to older versions.

best wishes

Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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