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Thu Apr 11 12:09:30 CDT 2019

Dear Omar Bautista:

In the new analysis, this would be the grammar if you would wish to 
append the four files a.epx, b.epx, c.epx, d.epx and to sa ve them to a 
new file abcd.epx that you can then use henceforth:

read "a.epx";
append !fn := "b.epx";
append !fn := "c.epx";
append !fn := "d.epx";

save "abcd.epx" !replace;

Best regards,


On 10-Apr-19 20:20, EpiData development and support wrote:
> ¡Thanks! Very well explained.
> I'm now exporting the data from EpiData using STATA format, on 
> separate files. And then handling some merge-append functions within 
> R. I will record the commands to run them as a little R script to make 
> it more automatic. At least, this is working. But it would be great, 
> in a near future, to learn how to solve this automatic id problem 
> within EpiData.
> Cheers,

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