[EpiData-list] Unable to import .qes & .chk in iOS version?

EpiData development and support epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca
Tue Nov 19 12:13:43 CST 2019

When you import a .rec file into Epidata Manager (Windows, MacOS or Linux), the .chk file MUST BE in the same directory as the .rec file. Manager does not use the .qes file.

After the import, you must edit any field with value labels to assign the correct value label set to the field. This is not done automatically. Be sure to click on the ‘Apply’ button after you select the value label set.

(there is no IOS version - no version for an iPhone or iPad)

> On Nov 16, 2019, at 00:49, EpiData development and support <epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca> wrote:
> I work with local colleagues on TB mortality issues.
> I imported .rec from Windows version but can't for .chk and .qes
> Is this "normal", as mentionned in last thread related to iOS version of Epidata or do I miss something ?

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