[EpiData-list] New test versions and a warning on time and memo variables

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Tue Dec 31 09:46:49 CST 2019

Dear all users of EpiData

As quite many of you have already experienced, we have placed new test 
versions of EpiData EntryClient, Manager and Analysis on the 
http://epidata.dk/testing.php page on December 18th.

The changes implemented in the test versions are documented in detail in 
the "change lists" found under each software on the "public release 
page, http://epidata.dk/download.php.

Current public release versions are 4.6.0 for EntryClient and Manager 
and 1.4.0 for Analysis. As the the updated test versions are numbered: for EntryClient and Manager and 1.6.0 for Analysis the major 
changes are in Analysis, where we are preparing for introduction of 
graphs and other lacking functionality. of analysis
* new command: Recode - very strong including formation of labels and 
other documentation * See Commands.html for details (press F1) of 
changes to options and the other new commands: keep and version
* Variable list, History, Project overview and Command tree have been 
moved to seperate windows * Revised shortcuts and option names, e.g. 
unification of label as !l
* !h option works for all commands and prints a simple list of supported 
options for a given command.
* Table may be used for only one variable (with options for frequencies)
And many Many minor bugfixes, mostly involving statistic calculation and 
special cases (eg. 0 data)

If no major problems are identified the current "test versions" on the 
testing page will be "public release versions" in early January.

Warning: As a side-effect of the new variable types (memo and time) 
variable, you should notice that if you want to read epx datafiles into 
classic analysis, then in the new analysis change those variables to 
another form, e.g. one or more string variables.

At this end of our year  I wish to express my thanks to all who 
supported EpiData Software over the years, including anonymous donors in 
the recent year, but also in particular the core group of Torsten 
Christiansen, Jamie Hockin and Hans L. Rieder.

I wish all a happy new year and do hope that You will welcome the new 
and coming further structured development.

Without all of your support and ideas the project could not continue.

Best wishes

Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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